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Quote of the day You have only one moment in your hands -the real moment. And you will not get this moment again. Either you live it or you leave it unlived. --Osho 
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do you know how to flirt seperated and closed

It is necessary to clear up a very frustrating misconception about flirting: It may be used on a regular basis without the sole purpose of finding a date or a mate. Flirting is fun, it's healthy, and it's one of the greatest skills you will ever learn! ANYPLACE is a good meeting place! So don't be fussy about places.

Acronym for FLIRTS:
meeting each other Fun -               

Interest -
Responsibility -

Trust -


Flirting is for fun and should not be used in thought of a long term goal.
Always be attentive to your target.
Flirting shows interest.
Don't be a jerk. Make flirting enjoyable. Don't grope with your eyes.
Flirting is based on trust. You open yourself to someone e
Always smile on your face.

Flirting Is An Attitude Be open...


A good flirt is self-confident and not afraid to take a risk. Be enthusiastic and positive, it works! Look them in the face and show them You ARE excited to meet them. Approach everyone you meet with a smile and interest. Let your natural exuberance shine through. Notice people! And remember flirting is a form of communication that shows appreciation, attraction, and/or interest. It is of the moment and should be offered WITHOUT long-term goals! When you flirt, have only flirting in mind. Don't think about what it could turn into, because you should flirt for the enjoyment of putting your positive feelings out there for someone to enjoy.

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