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Quote of the day You have only one moment in your hands -the real moment. And you will not get this moment again. Either you live it or you leave it unlived. --Osho 
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True Love Stories

These are true stories submitted by our readers.  Every week or so we post a new love story, so visit often! .Share your experiences so that young.

There are many different Love Stories about couples who have established intimate relationships that cross not just racial differences, but religious, ethnic, geographical, age and other boundaries as well. Use the links on this page to explore stories submitted by visitors.

1. Story 1. (Divakar)
2. Story 2. (Christina)
3. Story 3. (Vennilla Mahendran)
4. Story 4. (Siva Shyam)

Share Your Love Story:  If you have an interesting story on how you got together then send us the same and we shall put it at . All submissions become the property of Click here to submit your love story.
If we are impressed by your story, we will send you a prizes.

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