Navarasa Thilagam Preview

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Review by : aravindhan
Ma Ka Pa Anand, Srushti Dange, Karunakaran
Siddharth Vipin
Square Stone Films Pvt Ltd

Television anchor-turned-actor Ma Ka Pa Anand starrer Navarasa Thilagam is directed by Kamran and produced by Square Stone Films. Playing Ma Ka Pa's ladylove is Srushti Dange.

Others in the cast include, Karunakaran, Jayaprakash, Meera Krishnan  among others. Music is by Siddharth Vipin, who also plays a cameo in the movie.

Says the director, 'It is a movie about a youngster who wants to make it big in real estate. How he achieves it is narrated in a hilarious manner'.

'I narrated the story for over three hours over the phone to my producer, who was abroad then. He was mightily impressed and readily agreed to produce the film'.

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