Pasanga 2 Preview

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Review by : Suresh
Suriya, Nishesh, Vaishnavi, Aarush, Karthik Kumar, Bindu Madhavi, Vidya Pradeep, Ramdoss
Arrol Corelli
Studio Green, Escape Artists Motion Pictures

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder should not seen as patients. They are extremely talented, says Pasanga fame filmmaker Pandiraj. His Pasanga 2 releases tomorrow.

The movie is produced by Suriya's 2D Entertainments and interestingly Suriya plays an extended cameo alongside Amala Paul and Bindhu Madhavi.Says Pandiraj, 'I locked the story after I finished Pasanga.

But the script needed immense research and I spent a lot of time with such children to  understand them better'.When I approached Suriya, he readily agreed to produce the same understanding the strong message that the movie would convey, he says and adds,

'We have told everything in a funny way. There is no dull moments in the script'.Pasanga 2 will be an engaging and entertaining movie,  saidHe also urged his fans to watch it but warned 'don't come expecting my kind of films.

It is a movie with a message.'Music is Amorr Corelli and camera by Balasubramaniem.

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