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Review by : Tamilstar team
Vishal, Trisha, Sunaina, JD Chakravarthy, Manoj Bajpai, Sampath, Jayaprakash, Sriman, John Vijay
Yuvan Shankar Raja
Jayabalaji Real Media Pvt. Ltd

Director Thiru, who joined hands with Vishal for movie ‘Theeratha Vilaiyaattu Pillai’, has again joined hands with Vishal for movie Samar.  The story is different and full of puzzles. 

The story does not have much comedy in it and the movie is swashbuckling action movie.  The way scenes have been shot are commendable. The cinematographer deserves applauses.  It is indeed commendable that director Thiru has this much of talent.  But, one could sense the flaw as the story is very long.  Also, logic is missing in some places.  This triggers off question as to whether such things could indeed happen. 

The movie’s story is full of puzzles as in Rajesh Kumar’s story.  Okay... Let us come to the story. 

Vishal is son of forest department official in Ootty.  He makes it a routine to chase away gang trying to smuggle sandalwoods in the region.  Also, he romances Sunaina.  Sunaina comes to Vishal and asks him about her hip size and size of slippers. 

All of these could dawn upon Vishal only if he romances Sunaina in full-fledged manner.  But, he makes it clear to Sunaina that he does not know those details.  Also, he utters some dialogues which win applauses from among the audience.  Sunaina, irritated at the Vishal’s indifference, snaps ties and takes flight to Thailand. 

After three months Vishal receives letter from Sunaina.  Sunaina says that she is not able to forget Vishal and also provides him with a plane ticket to come to Thailand. Also, Vishal takes the flight to Thailand. 

 Vishal meets Trisha in Chennai airport and he comes to know that Trisha is also traveling to Thailand.  With help from Trisha, Vishal arrives at Thailand.  Although Vishal turns up at the time Sunaina wants him to be there, Sunaina does not turn up.  But police come.  Also, the police commander Sampath is from Tamil Nadu.  He asks Vishal to stay in his house and search for her next day.  Although Vishal searches, he is not able to find Sunaina. 

But, suddenly the gang of villains emerge with guns in hand and with murderous look.  But, another person by name Manohar arrives at the spot with a gang and helps Vishal make good his escape. 

As Manohar addresses Vishal by name Sakthi, and also says that Vishal is millionaire in Thailand, Vishal is confused.  As he says that Vishal is owner for bungalow, cars, and crores of money in bank, it adds to the confusion in Vishal. As even signature is that of Vishal in the bank, it adds to the confusion. 

Then suddenly a gang abducts Vishal.  A person by name Daniel threatens Vishal.  He says that he has committed a murder as per Vishal’s order and that he has not received the money for that so far.  Vishal manages to escape from the gang.  Also, he lodges complaint in nearby police station.  As everybody including constables and commander salute Vishal, the confusion increases. 

As Vishal realizes that if he continues staying there, he would be finished off.  So, he decides to leave the place.  Trisha comes with Vishal to airport and helps him take the flight.  Vishal notices that some rowdies are following Trisha.  Immediately he goes for Trisha’s rescue.  Also, the police come to the spot for their rescue.  Vishal decides to stay there and release the mystery about the mistaken identity. 

Now, there is another twist.  He does not receive the welcome he had before.  There is somebody else in his room.  They chuck him out saying they do not know him.  Also, Manohar is not to be seen.  Also, the residence of police commander Muthukumaran is locked.  Suddenly, Vishal realizes his sorry plight. 

At such a difficult time, Trisha stands by Vishal. Vishal meets Manohar at a point of time.  Then, there is a chasing scene. As Vishal intercepts Manohar and questions him, suddenly bullets hit Manohar and he is killed. 

Trisha introduces Jayaprakash to Vishal.  Jayaprakash says that he works for the Indian Embassy.  Trisha says that he is uncle to her.  At last, Vishal happens to meet Sunaina.  But Sunaina says that she never wrote letter to Vishal and that she did not send flight ticket to Vishal. Also, she says that Vishal need not wait for her. 

To hide the failure in love, Vishal goes for booze and laments his plight.  Also, Trisha takes drinks and reveals her love for him.  Vishal refuses to accept her love.  Also, Vishal decides to take flight to Chennai.  As Vishal leaves for airport, a gang abducts Trisha.  Through assistance from Jayaprakash, Vishal traces the gang and fights with them. Then he saves Trisha. 

At this juncture, the two villains as Manoj Bajpai and JD Chakravarthy emerge.  They are addicted to betting.  Although they have turned millionaires they are not able to quit betting. 

As per that, they keep a suitcase full of money such that it is easily spotted. A woman picks up the suitcase. Then they call police and the woman is arrested.  They bet whether the woman commits suicide.  At last the woman commits suicide. This is their betting game. 

As both of the villains go about betting, they spot Vishal and Sunaina. They immediately decide to use them as stake for the betting. 

Police Commander Muthukumaran, Manohar, Maan, police station, bank officials, hotel workers are actors in this betting.  As Trisha approaches Jayaprakash for financial assistance, he uses her as stake in the betting.  The betting is about whether Vishal would end his life or would commit suicide. 

Both of the villains have revealed sadism by viewing intimacy between Vishal and Trisha and the pain that they undergo. 

Now, in a sudden twist, Trisha’s former lover emerges.  As the person reveals what Trisha told to Vishal, Vishal grows suspicious and beats Trisha.  Trisha collapses and it appears like she is dead.  Chakravarthi, who is into the betting, says he has won. 

As both of the partners in betting drive the car, Trisha emerges suddenly. Then the car somersaults. 

The next day, the partners find themselves in a house.  In television, announcement is made that they are dead. As both of their wives lament, their final rites are telecast live.  As they see it, both are bewildered and flee the place. 

They end up at seashore. Again, Trisha emerges.  Also, Vishal is at the back.  Vishal says that Trisha has told him the truth. Also, he says that he enacted drama like Trisha is dead to trace both of them.  Also, he says that the world believes both are dead.  So, they would not worry about how both partners die, says Vishal. 

At this time, Manohar, Sampath, Maan, Jayaprakash arrive.  The betting partners think that they have come for rescue. But, on the contrary, both of the partners are targeted.  Trisha and Vishal leave the spot with smiling face. 

As both of the lovers hardly cover few steps, the partners declare saying ‘Game is Over’.  Then, the sound of firing is heard.  It is not known who turns out the target.  Also, it is not known whether escape by Trisha and Vishal has been arranged as part of the bet.

There is reason for saying that there is logic mistake in the movie.  The game by partners exceeds the role of Vishal in the movie.  This could have been changed.  With so much of technical advances, Vishal could have taken a cell phone abroad.  He could have called up his residence and known the plot by the partners.  

If the movie turns a hit, the credit goes to the director.  If a suspense thriller has to be taken with these much twists, there should be good screenplay.  Director Thiru is one among the best.  The movie is the second one for him following ‘Theeraatha Vilaiyaattu Pillai.’ 

As he releases the twists one after another, and as he reveals that Trisha is accomplice to the betting, surprise is inevitable.  The director helps in increasing anticipation among audience till end of the movie.  The climax turns out sensational. 

 Music is by Yuvan Shankar Raja and lyrics are by Na Muthukumar and Kapilan.  In song sequences, cinematography and dance moves are good. But the lyrics are not clear.  The bar dance and song turn out entertaining.

Although the movie has smoking scenes and boozing scenes, they have given U certification.  It is not clear what yardstick the censor board uses.  Where could one go and lament this?

Taking everything into account, question is whether ‘Samar’, which turns out to be a suspense thriller, would win place in hearts of fans.

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