Aamir Khan busily into promotion of ‘Satyamaeva Jayathae’

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Aamir Khan busily into promotion of ‘Satyamaeva Jayathae’

Aamir Khan is busily into the promotion schedules of ‘Satyamaeva Jayathae’, which has become popular overnight. 

Aamir Khan has dropped even his movie schedules for this and is roaming around country for promotion of the program.

Day before yesterday, Aamir Khan was on tour to Kerala for schedules of ‘Satyamaeva Jayathae’.  Then, he suddenly turned up at residence of Malayalam superstar Mohanlal. 

Both Mohanlal and Malayalam actor Dilip welcomed Aamir Khan.  Aamir Khan took a stroll around the house.  Aamir Khan gazed with admiration at the antiquities in Mohanlal’s house.  Following that, Aamir Khan had dinner both with Mohanlal and Dilip. 

Later, for a long time, both discussed about Malayalam and Hindi cine field.  Following that, Aamir Khan bid them adieu.  Fans gathered in huge numbers before Mohanlal’s residence to have a view of Aamir Khan.  Aamir Khan waved his hands at the fans.

Visit with Rajasthan Chief Minister:

As one among programs of his travel, Aamir Khan visited Rajasthan Chief Minister.

Aamir Khan, who related his mission against killing of girl fetus, placed a demand to initiate action against the killing. 

The Rajasthan Chief Minister assured he would initiate action.

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