Action taken against Sun Pictures

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Thursday, Nov 10, 2011

Action taken against Sun Pictures

Theatre owners have announced that unless Sun Pictures return the advance taken by them, they won’t release any picture produced by Sun Pictures.

The decisions regarding this in the Theatre Owner’s Association is as follows:
Regarding the advance to be returned by Sun Pictures, it has not returned Rs. 2.60 crores which was given on behalf of theatres. We were requesting them since the last government. But Sun Pictures didn’t bother about it.

Hence since Sun Pictures returns the money, we won’t release the films released or produced by Sun Pictures.
Due to the government change, no complaint has been given. We asked for the amount even in the last government. There is no connection between politics and this.

During the 50s daily four shows were allowed. During those days the films were shown for more than 3 hours. But nowadays films are released only with 2 hours. Therefore government should grant permission to extend the shows to 5 or 6.

Tamilnadu government should order to raise the ticket amount in the theatres. In the cities, the ticket amount which is Rs. 50 should be increased to Rs. 80. Due to this, not only we will profit, but the government and distributors will also profit. We are going to complaint about this to the Chief Minister.”

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