Actor Anandaraj quits from ADMK

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Thursday, Dec 29, 2016

Actor Anandaraj quits from ADMK

Actor Anandaraj acted in several movies as an Antagonist and as a character artist, he joined ADMK in the year 2004. He was a star hostter in ADMK party.

He used to go to different parts of Tamil Nadu on election campaign in favor of ADMK.  The sudden demise of Jayalalitha shocked Anand Raj. He was not able to agree anybody as leader after Jayalalitha.

He wrote a letter to ADMK federation that, I was joined in the party by late CM Jayalalitha. I devoted myself as a member of the party and worked wholeheartedly for the party.

The sudden death of Jayalalitha wounded me a lot. Nobody can equal her loss. I cannot bare this and I have decided to leave the party.I thank all the party members who supported me.

said in the letter. He then met press and gave a byte, he said, Jayalalitha should be respected, nobody can equal Jayalalitha, don't compare her with anyone.  I feel bad about Sengotayan and ponnayan's speech. Always, Jayalalitha is people's Chief Minster.  I will meet Karunanidhi if I get a chance.

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