Actor Madhavan answers as reporters shoot questions

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Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012

Actor  Madhavan answers as reporters shoot questions

Recently, actor Madhavan said that during shooting of ‘Vettai’ Amala Paul betrayed him.

Actor Madhavan gave an interview to reporters.  Madhavan answered questions of reporters which are as follows.

Q:    You took up a timid role in ‘Vettai’.  In real life how are you?

Ans:    I am not timid in real life.  I do not get into unnecessary tiff with anyone.  But I do not back when there is really a fight.  I grew up in Bihar during childhood.  There were frequent clashes there.  I have become both mentally and physically mature seeing all that.  I am not afraid seeing a tiff.  But I do not get into brawls.

Q: You have paired up with many heroines.  Was Sameera Reddy suitable to you?

‘Vettai’ movie is about brothers.  It is not about a couple.  Sameera’s role in the movie was wonderful.  It is obvious during clash with brother Arya in the movie.  I am happy I acted with her.  Sameera is very beautiful. She works hard.

Q:    What do you think about Amala Paul in the movie?

Ans:    During shooting Amala Paul was all the time around me.  I thought she is eyeing me.  But she deceived me.  She told she was around me to learn acting.  She has lot of talents in her.

Q:    Among heroines, who would you say suits you?

Ans:    Shalini is really brisk.  That is her nature.  Heroines in my movies would definitely not have been just for song and dance.  There is a weight to their role.  That way Shalini is a good actress.

Q:    With whom do you wish to pair up?

Ans:    I had a doubt about pairing up with Bipasha Basu for the movie ‘Jodi Breakers’.  But when I saw the movie after release I was really satisfied.  I feel Deepika Padukone will be another suitable person to pair up with.

Q:    How was your experience acting with Arya?

Ans:    Like the character in the movie, we have turned good brothers.  It is obvious in the movie.  There is no ego between us.  Lingusamy is a wonderful director.  I liked the story the instant I heard it.  I had faith the very first day of shooting that the movie will turn a successful flick.  Lingusamy is a self-confident person.  Also, he is a talented person.  It is a blessing for an actor to get a director like him.

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