Actor Mohanlal undergoes military training

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Saturday, Aug 11, 2012

Actor Mohanlal undergoes military training

Popular Malayalam actor Mohanlal has done role as army officer in many movies and has won credit.  So as to felicitate Mohanlal, he was given position of Lieutenant Colonel for Indian Territorial military force.

Following this, Mohanlal was given military training in Cannanore military camp.  The same year, Kannanore military camp was selected the best center for military training in India.

Following that, Mohanlal participated in military parade in Cannanore.  Now, for the second time, Mohanlal is being given military training.

So as to undertake training, Mohanlal went to the Cannanore military camp yesterday in the morning.  He met military commander and other officials and discussed.  Also, he participated in programs by military personnel.  Today, Mohanlal is to undergo training in rifle-shooting.

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