Actor Nandha's new attempt

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Actor Nandha's new attempt

Digital streaming is the latest buzz. Actor Nandha, Eden Kuriakose, Devipriya and Sanjana Singh who are busy names in Tamil cinema are coming together for the first ever web series in Tamil titled Maya Thirai, directed by Kaushik.While Ekta Kapoor of AltBalaji is behind the initiative, veteran Kutti Padmini is producing it.

Says Nandha, 'This is not television. This is a web series that is an alternative platform for cinema. It’s an all-new experience for me. It’s shot like a feature film without compromising on quality and budget.'Altbalaji has been coming out with similar attempts in Hindi and this is the first Tamil in a regional language.

‘We are going to do a web series in Bengali next,’ says CEO, Alt Balaji, Nachiket Pantvaidya‘Anybody can watch the series anywhere. There is no target audience as such. Digital shows are the future of entertainment, hence the show is special,’ said Kutty Padmini, producer of the show.

‘Kaushik Narasimhan, director of the show said that web series provided a lot of liberties. ‘we could show things that would normally be censored in a feature film. This advantage is what makes web series a better venture.

But to fit in a plot with the restriction of 16 episodes is a hard task but it was good challenge nevertheless,’ he adds.

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