Actor Prithviraj’s new born daughter’s name controversy

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Friday, Oct 10, 2014

Actor Prithviraj’s new born daughter’s name controversy

Actor Prithviraj was blessed with a baby girl recently. He posted his daughter’s name as Alankrita Menon in his facebook page which has created a  controversy. A group of people commented him for adding “Menon” at the end, which is usually a title for Menon sub-caste in Kerala.

Now the actor has clarified that, "To all those who have an opinion on my daughter's name....I have publicly spoken against caste system and a society that still holds undercurrents of discrimination by the same And I feel as strongly about it today and will do so forever.

My wife all through  her professional career has been addressed as Ms Menon and even today is addressed so by many of her colleagues. Hence, the 'Menon' in Alankrita Menon Prithviraj is JUST a name and it so happens that a caste that once existed (according to me) was called the same.

We did  contemplate Alankrita Supriya Prithviraj but a sequence of three first names did not sound right," said Prithviraj on his Facebook page.

“I hope all of you will join us in our prayers and hope that this little girl will one day grow up to be an intelligent, responsible, socially aware young woman. Thank you for all the wishes," concluded the actor.

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