Actor Shaam shows sheer professionalism through daredevilry

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Monday, Jun 25, 2012

Actor Shaam shows sheer professionalism through daredevilry

Shaam has done something which nobody in cinemas has done so far.

For movies, some heroes make change in appearance as sporting long beard and sporting a running hair.  Else, they tonsure their heads.  Heroes increase or reduce weight and even take risks in stunt scenes.

Shaam, standsout amidst such heroes by making portion below eyes bulge as it would when dealt a blow.  This, he has done for climax scene of movie ‘6’.

‘I brought out the appearance by not sleeping for ten days.  I am doing ‘6’ directed by VZ Durai.

‘The movie has instances related to the title as six getups, six districts and six candles.’

‘For the climax of the movie, I reduced weight.  I was 82 kg heavy and I brought it down to 72 kg. For nearly one year, I have been sporting long beard and running manes of hair. We visited six districts for the movie.’

‘The director had been telling time and again that the movie needs further effect.  Then, I related my idea of making my eyes bulge through not sleeping for ten days.  But the director hesitated as I am to risk eyesight, and also because the face is very important for an actor.  Also the director felt that the beauty in the face needs to be retained even after completion of venture. So he did not want me to take risk.’

‘But still, I have shown full dedication through this movie.  This movie is very important for me.  So I stuck to my decision.’

‘In the midst, I called the director and asked him to postpone the shooting for four days. As everybody was waiting in the shooting spot, I arrived.  Everybody was taken aback at the way my eyes appeared.  For few hours, they were afraid to look at my eyes.

‘God’s grace... within few hours my eyes were restored to normalcy.  Otherwise, things would have gone haphazard.  We did not use makeup for this.  Cinema is everything for me.  The movie ‘6’ would proclaim to the world that Shaam would do anything for profession.’

‘Both Rajini and Kamal are my role models when it comes to taking extra efforts for character.  I was amazed at the risk Rajini Sir took for ‘Enthiran’.  Similarly, Kamal Sir has taken many risks for his characters.  I desire following their trail.’

Shaam’s wife and mother were not able to put up with the lean appearance  and the overgrown beard he sported.  Since his mother burst into tears, Shaam kept away from his people for six months.  Shaam sent his mother and wife to Bangalore and was travelling to and fro from Chennai to shooting spot for several months.

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