Actor Shah Rukh Khan gets into tussle at dinner party

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Tuesday, Jan 31, 2012

Actor Shah Rukh Khan gets into tussle at dinner party

Actor Shah Rukh Khan landed his fist upon Sirish Khund, husband of female director Farah Khan during dinner party following success of movie ‘Agneepath’.

It is noteworthy that Shah Rukh and Farah Khan were close friends at one point of time.

Actor Sanjay Dutt arranged for a dinner party following the success of the movie ‘Agneepath’. The dinner party was held in a hotel in suburban Mumbai.  Actor Shah Rukh Khan was present in the dinner.

Shah Rukh Khan hurried towards director Sirish Khunder who was standing there.  Then he caught hold of his long manes of hair and pushed him down. It is alleged that Shah Rukh Khan landed his fist on Sirish’s face.

The owner of the hotel Baba Deewan who witnessed this pulled Shah Rukh Khan to the other side.  But Shah Rukh demanded that he leaves the place.  Immediately Sanjay Dutt intervened and escorted Shah Rukh Khan out.  If Sanjay Dutt was not in the place, the situation would have worsened.

Later Sirish Khunder left the dinner party in a huff.  There were swellings all over his face at that time.  Farah Khan is Sirish Khunder’s wife.  Shah Rukh Khan and Farah were close friends.   Shah Rukh Khan had given the chance of directing his movies ‘Mein hoon Naa’ and ‘Om Shanthi Om’ to Farah Khan.  She has been the dance coordinator for Shah Rukh Khan in lot of movies.  But problem erupted as Farah Khan made an agreement with Akshay Kumar for ‘Thees Maar Khan’.

Sirish Khunder was Shah Rukh’s friend once upon a time.  But whenever there was opportunity he use to criticize Shah Rukh.  Due to this Shah Rukh did not give call sheet to his movie ‘Joker’.  Sirish seems to have very strongly criticized Shah Rukh’s ‘Ra 1’.

Sirish seems to have provoked Shah Rukh to the hilt during the dinner party.  Resultantly, a provoked Shah Rukh seems to have landed his fist on Sirish.  But Farah Khan seems to have said she is not going to initiate police action.

‘Shah Rukh used to tell that he does not believe in violence.  I am surprised he did such an act’ said Farah Khan.

Many who witnessed said that the mistake lies not with Shah Rukh.  It is to be reminded that Shah Rukh and Salman Khan exchanged blows in a dinner party to celebrate Katrina Kaif’s birthday in 2008.

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