Actor Srikanth about Vijay and Shankar in NaNban

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Thursday, Jan 12, 2012

Actor Srikanth about Vijay and Shankar in NaNban

Srikanth, the actor debuted into the cine field through the movie ‘Rojakootam’, a directorial venture by Aascaar Ravichandran.  Srikanth who gave continuously successful flicks, encountered some failures and then regained image through ‘NaNban’, directorial venture by Shankar in which Vijay and Jeeva are also in the lead role.  Recently, Srikanth related his experience he had when acting with Vijay.

He said, ‘Vijay is a very simple person and does not put on airs.  I was amazed at his dedication for the movie.  It is only flawless acting and sincerity which has brought Vijay to this stage.  Acting with Vijay in the movie ‘NaNban’ gave me a good experience.  We shot a song in a 25 year old water tank.  Even now, I am afraid to recollect the risk.  That is the first song for the movie.  The shooting took place for 14 days.  Vijay is very quiet till the shooting commences.  But if the shooting begins, he gives tremendous delivery.  He does a lot of homework.  So I always look at Vijay with amazement.’

Speaking about director Shankar Srikanth mentioned ‘He is a perseverant worker.  He can take the movie as a song.  He is a very friendly type.  I convey my thanks to him for giving this chance.  The movie ‘NaNban’ has invigorated me.  I have children by name Akhil and Ahaana.  My daughter’s birthday is on coming 28th.  We are to celebrate the occasion with grandeur.  The year 2012 will be a good start for me.  The movie “NaNban’ invigorated me a lot.’

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