Actors queue up to do Bala’s movie

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Wednesday, Apr 03, 2013

Actors queue up to do Bala’s movie

Actors choose director Bala’s movie so as to prove their credibility as good actors.  The reason is that Bala could make a quality actor out of any artiste. 

That is the reason why actors into Bala’s movies have won much acclaim.  Following trail of Vikram, Suriya, Arya and Vishal, Adharva has got acknowledgement through role in Bala’s directorial venture. 

Actors are closely observing Bala’s moves and are showing much interest in knowing about Bala’s upcoming flick.  Vikram Prabhu is one among those actors. 

Currently Vikram Prabhu is into movie ‘Ivan Vera Mathiri’. He believes that if he emerges out of Bala’s workshop, he would turn lead actor.  He is into efforts to do movie directed by Bala. 

Vikram Prabhu is not the only actor interested, but there are other heroes including Gautham Karthik who show much interest in Bala’s directorial venture. 

But Cheeyan actor has gone one step ahead and seems to be pleading with Bala to give him one more chance.

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