Actress Amala Paul speaks of belief in God

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Thursday, Apr 18, 2013

Actress Amala Paul speaks of belief in God

Actress Amala Paul pairs with Vijay for movie ‘Thalaivaa’.  Amala Paul makes rounds as busy actress in both Tamil and Telugu cinema.  Here are excerpts from interview that Amala Paul gave in Hyderabad: -

‘I believe in God. There are debates across the country about whether God exists or not.  All that I could say to people is that they should believe in God.  Once an individual believes in God, his mind would turn calm.  There would be peace of mind.  One could entertain beliefs.  But one should not entertain superstitions. 

One should not entertain blind beliefs.  At the same time, one cannot survive without relying on some or other person. Once the individual chooses the movie, he or she should believe in the director.  Not every movie fails.  Success and failure alternately occur. 

But, whatever one does, one should do it with faith.  One should believe that the movie would turn hit.  Only when one commits himself or herself with faith, the mind would get charged.  Success and failure are not in our hands.  One should work with involvement.’

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