Actress Bhuvaneswari gives moving statement as she is behind bars

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Saturday, Aug 25, 2012

Actress Bhuvaneswari gives moving statement as she is behind bars

Bhuvaneswari, heroine for movie ‘Konjam Kobam Konjam Sirippu’ was arrested on charges of money fraud.  The young actress laments that she was exploited in cine shootings and then was left to cool her heels. 

Gurunathan, aged 42, hails from Virugambakkam, Chennai.  He does real estate and is also a financier for cinemas.  Bhuvaneswari, aged 22, is daughter of Sampoornammmal, Saligramam, Chennai. Sampoornammal desired making a movie casting her daughter Bhuvaneswari.  She approached financier Gurunathan.  Sampoornammal conveyed that she is to make movie ‘Konjam Kobam Konjam Siruppu’ starring her daughter. 

Financier Gurunathan volunteered to give loan for making of movie.  Also, he demanded share in profit earned through movie.  Sampoornammal conceded his demand.  Three years back, Sampoornammal made the movie starring her daughter.  The movie ‘Konjam Kobam Konjam Sirippu’ was released in 2011.  Both mother and daughter did not return the loan which amounted to 85.50 lakhs and seem to have defrauded the amount from the financier.  The financier filed complaint with police commissioner Tripathy. 

Central Crime Branch assistant commissioner Radhika ordered inquiry into the case.  Special force headed by SI Nandini arrested actress Bhuvaneswari.  In statement that Bhuvaneswari gave to police it has been mentioned as follows:

 ‘I have been showing interest upon cinemas since childhood.  I have done heroine for movies as ‘KalakkuRa Chanduru’, and ‘Siruppuda’.  My mother got loans from financier in installments and made me do movie.  The shooting was held in several locations.’

‘The secret about how financier and his men used me is known to me alone.  I put up with all those keeping in my mind the venture I was into.  I abided by what they said.  Other than financier Gurunathan, we have received loans from several other financiers.  We are repaying those.  They have lodged a money fraud complaint and have put me behind bars.  They forged a document with false interest rates’ said actress Bhuvaneswari with tears welling up in her eyes.

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