Actress Ishara hits back

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Wednesday, Jun 08, 2016

Actress Ishara hits back

Close on the heels of a producer blaming fingers at actress Ishara of cheating and takong money and not attending shoot for his film, the  actress has clarified the charges against her.

She said, 'First of all, I had given them the asked-for dates spread over six months. It is just that they were not shooting when I had the dates.

They shot with me for only two days in all these four months. And I have other commitments. I never told them that I will not be giving any more dates. I was not happy with the way the director was behaving with me. He used to call me 'vaa dee'and 'po dee'.' 

'During the shoot, the director used to explain the scene to me in a vulgar way in front of everyone. I come in this film as myself, as Sathuranka Vettai Ishaara.

In that case, imagine how such a scene will affect my reputation. I cannot even explain how vulgar the scene was. He was trying to touch me while talking to me.

He used to push me to the wall and say, 'Pannu dee pannu dee'. That was not professional. I was feeling harassed and I could not do the movie.'

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