Actress Kavitha’s daughter elopes with car driver

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Friday, Mar 15, 2013

Actress Kavitha’s daughter elopes with car driver

Actress Kavitha has done role of heroine in Tamil and Telugu movies.  After marriage, Kavitha was into character roles in movies. 

Five years back, Kavitha joined Telugu Desam party.  She holds important position in the women’s wing of the party. 

Actress Kavitha is residing in Secunderabad, which is adjacent to Hyderabad.  Her daughter Madhuri, aged 21 is doing MBA. 

Rajkumar, aged 25, and who hails from Sanakarapattinam, Karimnagar district, was car driver in Kavitha’s residence.  He was used to taking Madhuri to the college. 

Through time, Madhuri developed love for Rajkumar.  Both have been romancing for 2 years. 

In a development, Madhuri fled her house with the car driver Rajkumar.  Both married in Venkateswara Temple in Peddapalli, Hyderabad.  Rajkumar’s relatives alone participated in the marriage. 

Then later, Madhuri said that she eloped with Rajkumar since parents did not agree to their marriage. 

In a development, Madhuri’s father Dasaradh Raj filed complaint with Panchara Hills police as his daughter disappeared.  Police filed case and traced Madhuri and Rajkumar who secretly married.  The police have sent Madhuri to her house and are questioning Rajkumar.


As police investigated the case, it came to light that Madhuri had pledged jewels worth Rs 83, 000 and fled with lover.

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