Actress Lakshmi Ramakrishna evolves as a director

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Thursday, Feb 02, 2012

Actress Lakshmi Ramakrishna evolves as a director

Lakhsmi Ramakrishna the ‘enticing auntie’ of Tamil cinema is evolving into a director.

Lakshmi Ramakrishna debuted into Tamil movies through ‘Pirivom Santhippom’.  She has so far done 33 movies in Tamil.  She is acting in television serials also.

Now she has incarnated as a director.  Lakshmi Ramakrishna has titled her movie ‘AarohaNam’.  She started the schedule without much furor and now it is almost complete.

Lakhsmi Ramakrishna spoke regarding this ‘This movie is different from the stereotyped versions in that it is a new and honest effort.  It would be enjoyed by fans. To quote an example, I would like to mention ‘Mouna Guru’.’

‘A serious matter can be related in a humorous manner.  It can be approached positively.  That’s the way I have taken ‘AarohaNam’.  I have related something close to heart and which I witnessed.’

‘I am doing the movie ‘AarohaNam’ under my own banner and with my own money.  I am always afraid to indulge in experimentation with somebody else’s money.’

‘I finished the first half and sent it to a DVD company’s owner.  After viewing, he took up the production himself.’

‘I am not doing movies with contemplation of becoming a very big director.  I have done the movie with what I know.  I have related certain matters.’

Lakshmi is introducing two actors as Viresh and Jai Kuhereni along with stars as Sampath, Jayaprakash, Viji Chandrasekar, Uma Padmanabhan, Raji, and Vijayasarathi.

The cinematography is by Shanmuga Sundaram and music is by K who did it for ‘Yuddham Sei’.  Editing is by Kishore who did it for ‘AadukaLam’, ‘Earam’, and ‘Engeyum Eppodhum’. 

When asked about whether she is not acting in the movie Lakshmi said with a giggle ‘I follow KS Ravikumar’s style in the movie.’

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