Actress Radhika Apte answers rumours about her

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Thursday, Feb 14, 2013

Actress Radhika Apte answers rumours about her

Actress Radhika Apte did Prakash Raj’s pair for movie Dhoni. Thus, she turned popular in Tamil.  Now, Radhika Apte does Ajmal’s pair in movie Vetri Chelvan directed by Rudran. 

Reports said that there is romance between Radhika Apte and Benedict, music composer from London.  Also, reports added that both are to marry soon.  Also, reports said that Radhika Apte would quit cinema after marriage. 

Radhika Apte was infuriated at the reports: -

‘False rumours about me are being spread.  They say I am to marry and put full-stop to cinema.  It is true I have connection with Benedict.  That is my personal matter.  If I marry, that would not hit my cine career.  I would continue acting.  I am here to do many movies.’

Rumours are that I am not interested in doing Tamil movies and that it is difficult to contact me.  Those are baseless rumours.  I can be easily approached.  Currently, I am into movie Vetri Chelvan in which I am pairing up with Ajmal.  Ajmal was very friendly.  Singer Mano does important role.  The movie has good story line.

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