Actress Sona to appear in court for ‘speaking ill of men’

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Tuesday, Jan 08, 2013

Actress Sona to appear in court for ‘speaking ill of men’

Chennai Egmore Criminal Court has issued order to actress Sona to present herself in person on February 13th with case regard to degrading remark she made about men. 

General Secretary of the Association for Security of Men, S Madhusudhanan filed petition with the Chennai Court. In the petition, he has mentioned:-

'Actress Sona’s interview was released in a magazine.  In the interview, actress Sona had said that she would use men like tissue paper.  Also, she added that living together is more foolish than marrying.  ‘I have tried that a lot.  That would not work out.  Use and throw is the best’, said Sona.’

‘Her interview reveals lack of self-respect and civilised behaviour.  The interview has caused pain to those men in the society who maintain self-respect.  Those who read the interview by Sona would be instigated to do mistakes.  That would ruin family life.  Further, Sona’s opinion is not about a single person, but a degrading one made against men as whole.  So action should be initiated against Sona.’

The petition came for hearing in front of magistrate Sivakumar.  Lawyer Arul Thumilan presented himself on behalf of the petitioner and argued.  Magistrate Sivakumar took up the case.  He has issued order that summon be issued to Sona demanding her appearance in court the coming February 13th.

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