Actresses share bed for movie chances, says Sana Khan

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Saturday, Apr 06, 2013

Actresses share bed for movie chances, says Sana Khan

Actress Sana Khan has said that many actresses share bed to get movie chances.  Malayalam movie ‘Climax’ centring life of late actress Silk Smitha is on make.  The movie is released with title ‘Nadigayin Diary’ in Tamil.

Sana Khan who did movies as Silambattam, and Aayiram Vilakku does role in the movie.  The movie is direction by Anil, popular Malayalam director.  Eastman Antony, who introduced Silk Smitha into the cine field, and who knows details of her privacy and her other matters, does story and dialogues for the movie.

Following completion of trailer release of the movie ‘Nadigayin Diary’, actress Sana Khan, Executive Producer Aadhiram, and director Anil spoke during press meet. 

Here are questions put to Sana Khan, and her reply in English: -

*    Have you seen movies by Silk Smitha?

Yes, I have seen a few... she was a wonderful actress. 

*    Regarding Silk Smitha’s final decision? 

There are still reports abuzz that it was a suicide and that it was a murder.  Whatever be it, loss of     a good actress several years back cannot be compensated. 

*In the trailer, there is dialogue ‘Is it not sufficient to be talented to turn actress?  Should one share bed with the producer?’ How was your mentality when you enacted the scene?

It was difficult.  But in truth, producers stop with just Hi and a Bye.  So far, producers have been moving with me within their limits. 

*   The same story hit screens in Hindi as Dirty Picture.  Have you seen the movie? How is Vidya Balan’s performance in the movie? 

I have seen the movie Dirty Picture.  It is a superb film.  Vidya Balan won the national award. 

*  It is said that actresses share bed for chances.  What is your opinion about that?

That is true.  It is like that in some places.  But one cannot approach me with such intentions.  I am a straight forward girl. 

*  Since you are doing role of Silk Smitha, her ghost would prove threat to you? 

No... Silk Smitha would appreciate saying that I have added to her good name. 

Thus went the different and peppy interview by Sana Khan.

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