Actual reason behind delay in release of ‘Kumki’

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Monday, Nov 19, 2012

Actual reason behind delay in release of ‘Kumki’

The release of movie Kumki has been delayed citing different reasons. But now, the actual reason behind delaying of the release has come to light. 

It is old story that Lingusamy purchased the movie from Gnanavel Raja when it was in the post production level. 

Initially, Prabu Solomon did not know the exact price for which the movie changed hands. Now, it has come to Prabu Solomon’s knowledge and he is taken aback. 

Reason is that, due to excessive restrictions from Lingusamy, Solomon finished the movie with budget of just Rs 5 crore.  But the movie changed hands for Rs 13 crore. 

Prabu Solomon, infuriated out of Lingusamy’s move, halted the post production schedules and stuck to hike of 1 crore in payment.  

Lingusamy did not mind that for some days.  Subsequently, Prabu Solomon started spreading derogatory reports about Lingusamy amidst close circles.  Lingusamy stepped down and conceded paying Prabu Solomon an amount of Rs 50 lakhs.  Now Prabu Solomon has calmed down, say reports.

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