Agreement signed long before lands Tamannaah in trouble

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Monday, Aug 20, 2012

Agreement signed long before lands Tamannaah in trouble

Actress Tamannaah debuted into Tamil cine filed through movie ‘Kaedi’.  Tamannaah has done movies as ‘Padikkaadhavan’, ‘Kandaen Kaadhalai’ in Tamil and also has done Telugu movies.

An agreement which Tamannaah signed up as she debuted into cine field 9 years back is proving a headache for her now. 

Actress Tamannnah’s first movie is ‘Santhu Shah Roshan Chehra’.  Producer Saleem Akhtar signed up Tamannaah for the movie in 2003. 

As the producer gave chance for Tamannaah, he demanded that that she gives 25 per cent of the salary for movies she does till 2010. 

Now, Saleem Akhtar says that Tammannaah signed up agreement form and now she has violated the terms of agreement.  Also, he added he is to file case against Tamannaah.

Saleem Akhtar stated:

‘My daughter and Tamannaah underwent education in the same school.  My daughter recommended that Tamannaah be cast in the movie ‘Santhu Shah Roshan’ movie.  My daughter stressed that Tamannaah be given the chance since she is beautiful.’

‘Later, Tamannaah turned up at my residence with parents.  I gave her movie chance and signed up agreement.  After that, Tamannaah moved to South Indian cinemas.  Even when I contacted her regarding the agreement form, she did not mind me.  Also, Tamannaah has not given money as per agreement. Also, she has made corrections to her name’

‘Tamannaah has removed family name ‘Bhatia’ and calls herself Tamannaah.  Currently she is doing movie ‘Himmatwala’ in Hindi.  Tamannaah has to provide explanation to agreement she signed up.  If Tamannaah does not abide by the agreement, I would file case against her.’

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