Ajith addresses media about helicopter stunts in ‘Billa 2’

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Saturday, Apr 28, 2012

Ajith addresses media about helicopter stunts in ‘Billa 2’

Wherever be it in the media, the reports are about Ajit’s ‘Billa 2’.  Sales of the movie, Ajit’s action scenes and a magnificent release are highlights of the reports.  Another side, Ajit says that he would not speak about the movie, and in contrary move, has started giving interviews to leading magazines.

Yesterday, we released a report about helicopter stunt that Ajit performed for the movie placing his life at stake.  The thrilling fight scenes give hair-raising experience to the fans.  But Ajit has given a different interview regarding the stunt.

 ‘The helicopter stunt that I performed is being widely spoken.  The whole crew deserves the credit for this.  Also, I thank the German stunt master Stephen Richter for this.’

‘I am doing work for the salary I receive.  I have not achieved anything more than the border security forces.  Army men are the real heroes.  Their fight deserves credit.’

‘I do not desire opining about my movies.  Only audience should give appropriate comment about the movie.’

‘Both producer and director should like the story I choose.  Only if the story impresses the three, the movie would turn out well.  Those who relate a good story cannot be called good directors.  Although some people are not conversant with relating a good story, they turn out good directors.  I realize this through my experience.’

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