Ajith conveys pain about rash comments in interview

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Thursday, Apr 26, 2012

Ajith conveys pain about rash comments in interview

 ‘Those who do not have heart to laud my acting and efforts mock my appearance and build.  It is really something big to be able to manage walking after 15 operations upon the body’ commented actor Ajit.

Here are excerpts from Ajit’s interview to magazine ‘Ananda Vigadan’.

There is no self promotion….

‘I have decided ever since doing ‘Mankatha’ not to promote my movies through my speech.  It applies for ‘Billa 2’ also.  The movie is to be released on June.  As of now there is nothing more to say…’

A review that shook my heart…

‘Some people are not inclined to comment about whether my movie has turned out good or bad… but they comment about my fat appearance… After 15 operations my metabolism has had a sea change. It is really herculean that I am walking with two legs… I am happy about that.’

‘I may not be a good dancer.  But I am putting in efforts for that.  Even after all these treatments, I jump from helicopter.  I do stunts.  But it is really paining to hear comments about personal appearance.’

Opinion about negative reviews…

‘Many people have told me… If born one should be born as Ajit.  Only if one leads the life Ajit leads, he will realize.  It is very easy to suggest Sachin Tendulkar to play in a certain way.  But Sachin Tendulkar, who carries expectations of millions of cricket fans, knows the difficulty.’

‘It is easy to sit before computer and comment.  Only if one gets into the arena he will know the difficulty.  During age of 30, we will feel like we can achieve everything.   Only after 40 it dawns upon the person that there is something above which decides everything.  I pray that those who comment about me get the maturity to understand this.’

My prayer for fans…

‘It is God’s grace that the strength of fans I have is increasing.  It would not suffice if I just thank my fans.’

 ‘I blurt out the truth… When I pray God in the morning, I pray for my fans also.  I will be in cinema today, may be not tomorrow.  But as a brother I have request to my fans.  Please do not mistake it as advice.  Do not forsake your self-esteem for anybody.’

‘Do your work and relish it 100 per cent.  I studied till 10th.  I learned things in life the difficult way.  But the route is difficult.’

‘If I had been properly educated, I need not have borne this brunt.  So, study well.  Do not blindly believe anybody.  Do not cling to anybody.  Do not stamp upon another person’s feet and progress.  I mean to be simple… live… and let live!’

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