Ajmal refuses to enact lip lock in movie ‘Karuppampatti’

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Sunday, Feb 24, 2013

Ajmal refuses to enact lip lock in movie ‘Karuppampatti’

Ajmal, noted for performance in movie ‘Ko’ is doing double role in movie ‘Karuppampatti’.  Aparnaa Bajpai, noted for role in movie ‘Eesan’ is pairing up with Ajmal for the upcoming flick. 

In a development, the movie director said to Ajmal that he needs to enact lip lock.  But Ajmal pleaded that there should not be lip lock in the movie. 

Mostly, when directors say that there is kiss scene in movie actresses refuse to enact the scene.  But, of late, actresses are volunteering for lip lock. 

‘Most of the heroes yearn for such a scene, and why is it that you are panicking at the very mention of kiss scene?’, asked the director to Ajmal. 

‘Only now, I am getting used to being intimate with actresses.  Then, how could I enact lip lock?’ asked Ajmal. 

But, actress for the movie, Aparnaa Bajpai stood readily for the kiss scene before the camera. 

The director for ‘Karuppampatti’, Prabu Raja Cholan went to Aparnaa and told her that Ajmal is hesitating to enact kiss scene and that he has replaced it with a mild kiss on the cheeks. 
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As the director conveyed hesitation by Ajmal, Aparnaa was disappointed.  Now, every time Ajmal turns up at shooting spot, she teases him for his hesitation to do kiss scene.


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