AL Vijay regrets resignation by Ameer in statement

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Friday, Sep 28, 2012

AL Vijay regrets resignation by Ameer in statement

Ameer suddenly quit from Director’s Association following controversy with regard to ThaaNdavam.  This has caused disappointment to director AL Vijay.

The story of ThaaNdavam has caused split in director’s association.  In a development, director for ‘ThaaNdavam’, AL Vijay released a statement yesterday:-

‘As director and story author for movie ‘Thaandavam’, I desire to register my opinions regarding issues the movie has raised, and about justice received from court.’

‘For the past one month, with regard to issues raised out of the movie, assistant director Thiru Ponnusamy took up the case, and legally inquired with both sides. Then the case was taken to the court.  Everybody knows this.  The case filed by Ponnusamy was rejected in the court. This has put full stop to the issues till date.’

‘From the time since I took up the issue, I promised cooperation out of faith in director Ameer and director Jananathan.  Also, reason for my cooperation is respect I have for the association.  Also, I clarified to Ponnusamy that my story is different from his.  Also, I allowed him to see my movie.’

‘As the case won, I could be happy about receiving justice.  But there is regret and pain inside.  I was taken aback at the resignation by Ameer.’

‘Ameer suggested me to resort to court after inquiring with me and Ponnusamy.’

‘He was not partial and took up the issue in spite of tight schedules.  I was unhappy that people speak against Ameer.  It is the truth that Ameer played his part in progress of Director’s Association. 

‘Creating blemish upon him is like shattering justice.  I humbly request that Ameer withdraws his resignation keeping in mind welfare of the director’s association and welfare of the members’ said AL Vijay.

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