Allegations of Rajini in Kolaveri

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Friday, Dec 02, 2011

Allegations of Rajini in Kolaveri

There are alleged reports that efforts are in the progress to cast Rajini in ‘WHY THIS KOLAVERI DI’song.  This song seems to have pleased Rajini very much.  He seems to have burst into laughter on hearing the song.

‘Kolaveri’ seems to be pervading everywhere.  It has become so popular it is being heard everywhere. 

Reports are abuzz that seemingly yet another compliment is to add up to the already existing ones.  It’s nothing but the appearance of Rajini in this song.

When this song was played to Rajini, he seemed to have burst into laughter.  Also, he has appreciated the tune and lyrics.  Rajini told Dhanush and daughter Aishwarya that it will turn out to be a big hit.  As he said, this song has become very popular now.

Reports allege that efforts are on to make Rajini appear in this song.  Dhanush and Aishwarya seemed to have a placed a request to Rajini on this regard.  When Dhanush was asked, he told that it is of course a matter to be prided over if Rajini appears in every of their venture.

The song ‘Kolaiveri’ takes place in the movie ‘3’.  This movie which is already popular has been directed by Rajini’s daughter Aishwarya.  The hero for this movie is Dhanush.  The heroine for this movie is Kamal Haasan’s daughter Shruthi Haasan.  If Rajini participates in the cast for this song, it is sure this song will turn out to be a super hit.

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