Amala Paul prefers staying away from media

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Wednesday, Nov 21, 2012

Amala Paul prefers staying away from media

Amala Paul is actress who has bound together fans through her glamour.  As Amala Paul was doing movies as Veera Sekaran, Sindu SamaveLi, and Maina, she went in search of media so that she turns center of limelight.  But now, Amala Paul prefers to stay away from the media. 

When asked the reason, Amala Paul replied ‘Nobody who approaches me asks me regarding my movies, and my characters.  As they turn up to see me, they assume I am in love with director Vijay.  Also, they ask me when I am going to enter wedlock with director Vijay.’

‘I did just one movie with director Vijay. The movie is Deiva ThirumagaL.  Now, I am committed to another movie directed by him.  In the midst, we met just two times.  But reports say that both of us are romancing.  Now, they have taken it till marriage.’

‘It pains me that people demean friendship between me and director Vijay.  That is the reason why I do not prefer speaking to media.  Even during occasions, I prefer staying away from media’ said Amala Paul.

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