Amala Paul regrets doing ‘Sindhu Samaveli’

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Amala Paul regrets doing ‘Sindhu Samaveli’

Actress Amala Paul has said that she regrets doing movie ‘Sindhu Samaveli’.  Amala Paul’s debutant venture was ‘Veerasekaran’.  But, she turned centre of limelight through movie ‘Sindhu Samaveli’. 

The movie centred illegitimate relationship between father-in-law and daughter-in-law.  Amala Paul did character which betrays her husband and has illegitimate relationship with father-in-law. 

As Amala Paul did the character in the movie, it triggered controversies.  Following the movie, director Samy did not direct any movie. 

Amala Paul has said that it is a mistake that she did the movie, and has added that she would not do such movies any further. 

Amala Paul spoke: -

‘I did not have any experience when I entered cine field.  I did not hear the story, and knew my character alone and did the movie.  ‘Sindhu Samaveli’ is one such movie.  There were many criticisms for my doing that movie. I was pained at those criticisms.  I did the movie without any experience.  I would not get entangled in controversies any further.’

‘I would not do the blunder like I did with ‘Sindhu Samaveli’.  Nowadays, I am hearing the full story.  Only if I like the story, I concede doing the movie.’

‘Movie ‘Maina’ proved a turning point.  I am busily into Tamil and Telugu movies.  I do not have any grievance about doing double heroine subjects.  Even if one emerges in small character, it needs to impress fans.  I danced for number in movie starring Chiranjeevi’s son.’

The chemistry between hero and heroine in the movie should be good.  Only then, one could do her role well.  As I paired with Siddharth, the chemistry was wonderful.  Resultantly, the movie turned good.  I am prepared to do glamour if the story requires me to do so.

‘I am not a rival to any actress. Nobody could grab chance meant for me.  I have not romanced anybody so far.’

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