Ameer makes accusation that Censor Board functions like Mafia gang

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Friday, Mar 01, 2013

Ameer makes accusation that Censor Board functions like Mafia gang

Movie ‘Ameerin Aadhi-Bhagavan’ was released recently. The movie stars Jayam Ravi and Neetu Chandra.  The censor board has certified the movie ‘A’. Already Ameer had released statement about the ‘A’ Certification given to the movie.  Yesterday, Ajith spoke to reporters in Chennai Airport: -

‘The Censor Board is functioning like an undeclared Mafia gang with respect to certifying movies.  The Censor Board is functioning such that it extracts money for certification of movies. 

For my movie ‘Aadh- Bhagavan’, mediators approached for favourable certification.  But, we clearly told that we would not pay money.  So, the movie has been certified ‘A’. 

I gave the movie for certification the last Feb 5th.  They viewed the movie only on 12th.  After watching the movie, they demanded removal of scenes and also that some dialogues be muted.

When questioned they told that there is obscene language and there are liquor bottles in song sequences. ‘We would not allow this.  We would give only ‘A’ Certification’, they said. 

When asked why the movie has been certified ‘A’ even after we abided by their demand, they said that there is no change to decision. 
Regarding this, a censor board official said: - ‘If the movie had been censored in Mumbai, there would not have been requirement to remove scenes.  Also, there would not have been requirement to mute dialogues.  But, the current scenario here is not okay.  So, even after removal of scenes and muting of dialogues, we were pushed to certifying the movie ‘A’. 
The official conveyed this to me on 12h. But I received the certificate only on 19th. 

I have requested that the movie should be released on 22nd.  Then, what could I do if he gives it to me on 19th?

Only now, ‘Vishwaroopam’ is out of trouble and has been released.  So, this issue should not be magnified, I felt.  Also, the producer told that issues need not be raised. The movie was released on 22nd. 

As the movie was certified ‘A’, the songs cannot be relayed in any channel.  For promotion of numbers, the censor board demanded that scenes showing liquor bottles be removed.  We gave it on 25th.  After that, we struggled and got three numbers on 27th. 

It is one week since release of movie.  As we demand some scenes for movie’s promotion, they have not given even one scene.  We have forwarded petition on 26th. 

I am leaving for Malaysia today. The movie is performing fantastically there.  I and hero Jayam Ravi are going to Malaysia for promotion of the movie.’

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