Ameer gives hot retort to Bharathiraja’s move against him

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Monday, Apr 09, 2012

Ameer gives hot retort to Bharathiraja’s move against him

Director Ameer commented, ‘Since Bharathiraja does not like my approach to issue of FEFSI workers, he eliminated me from his ‘Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum’ movie. Thus he tries to threaten me.  But I am not afraid of all these.’

The issue between FEFSI workers and Producers Council is growing at huge proportions.  Producers’ council had faith that Chief Minister Jayalalithaa would intervene, and bring out an amicable solution for the issue.   But Jayalalithaa did not pay heed to the issue.  The issue has been handed over to workers welfare board. 

Negotiations were held headed by workers welfare board.  But head of Producers Council, Rajan accused workers welfare board of humiliating producers.  Now, Producers’ Council has begun a workers federation as competition to FEFSI and is carrying out shootings.

Now, the issue between director Bharathiraja and Ameer is getting blown up.   From very start, both were not cooperative with each other.  The reason is not known.

But Bharathiraja, unmindful of that booked Ameer for his movie ‘Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum’.  But since then there was lingering doubt amidst many as to whether this would work out. 

Now, due to FEFSI issue both have severed ties.  It seems there is mounting pressure for Bharathiraja from Producers Council as to how he could cast Ameer who is favoring FEFSI.  It is being said that Bharathiraja himself is irritated at the support Ameer gives to FEFSI.

Following this, Bharathiraja has eliminated Ameer from his ‘Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum’.

Ameer has opined regarding this.  He said ‘In the clash between producers and FEFSI, I am by workers’ side.  Bharathiraja does not like this.  He has eliminated me from the movie as he feels it is wrong to stand by FEFSI’

‘If it is wrong to stand by workers I will do that mistake again and again.   Bharathiraja threatens me by eliminating me from his movie.  But I am not afraid of him.  I will give voice for film employees.’

‘Tamil Nadu government has intervened in the FEFSI issue.  The state workers welfare board minister would head a forthcoming negotiation.  Then there will be amicable solution’ said Ameer.

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