Anirudh's Peiyophobilia makes it big

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Saturday, Sep 24, 2016

Anirudh's Peiyophobilia  makes it big

Anirudh's Peiyophobilia has gone viral. The song from the upcoming heist horror film RUM is composed by Anirudh and sung by STR.

The song's lyricist Vivek Velmurugan said, 'Peiyophobilia will reveal whether the existence of ghost is real or not. And more than that, it will portray an important truth. Even the spirit of a dead person will think twice to come again to this deadly world," says the new-age lyricist Vivek Velmurugan.

The film's lead actor Hrishikesh added, 'We shot the song for two days in the forests of Padappai. It's the first time I am dancing to such a fast number and under those conditions there it was very difficult.

Satish choreographed this song and Vivek Sir too has shaken leg for this. Shooting at night in the forests was pretty scary, but in the end as a team we came through. The song comes at a time when all our characters in the film are confused, stressed or scared and they suddenly decide to let loose.

This is Peiyophobilia!' The film is directed by debutante Sai Bharath and produced by Vijaya Raghavendra.

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