Anjali denies being partial to Sundar C

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Wednesday, Feb 20, 2013

Anjali denies being partial to Sundar C

Anjali paired up with Sundar C for movie ‘Aayudham Seivom’.  Through acquaintance Sundar C developed with Anjali, he made her do movie ‘Kalakalappu’.  Till then Anjali was doing family girl roles.  Through the movie, Sundar C made her a glamour actress. 

Due to the glamour in it, the movie was really entertaining.  Now, for movie ‘Madha Gaja Raja’, Sundar C has made both Anjali and Varalaxmi do glamour.  As both are no lesser to the other, both have done abundant glamour for the movie. 

When asked with Anjali, she said ‘I am not a rival to Varalaxmi in glamour.  For one number in the movie, I and Varalaxmi have danced with Vishal. The dance was such that both of us reveal our excellence in glamour.  The dance is like competition between us two.  Otherwise, there is no competition between us two.’

When asked with Anjali about whether she gives priority to Sundar C’s movies, she said ‘There is no such thing.’

‘He readies stories like that.  If others commit me to such story as his, I would do role in their movies. There is no partiality in this.’

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