‘Anniyan’ fame Sadha goes for glamour

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Tuesday, Sep 04, 2012

‘Anniyan’ fame Sadha goes for glamour

Actress Sadha rose to heights of fame following movie ‘Anniyan’.  But further, she did not receive much movie chance.  For movie ‘Pulivesham’, Sadha paired up with middle-aged hero named RK.  Sadha’s career made a plunge following meteoric rise. 

So, Sadha has decided to go for glamour to regain lost popularity.  Sadha does abundant glamour in Telugu movie ‘Mythri’ in which she pairs up with Navdeep.  There are scenes with lip to lip kiss and scenes in which she appears in swimming dress.

Tamil fans have seen Sadha in role of family girl.  So, to give a feast to eyes of Tamil fans, the same movie is being made in Tamil. The title is ‘Mythili’.  She comes as model in the movie. This has made it more convenient for her to show glamour.

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