Why Anthony was not roped in? Inside story!

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Sunday, Mar 04, 2012

Why Anthony was not roped in? Inside story!

Anthony Gonsalves, better known as Anthony, was the editor of almost all  A. R. Murugadoss films as of tamil film ghajini.

It was believed that Anthony would be roped in again for ARM's latest flick, Vijay starrer "Thuppakki". But the latest reports say that was not to be.

According to reports Srigar Prasad has been signed up as editor for Thuppaakki.

What happened to ARM-Anthony relationship?

This is the story until either ARM or Anthony comes forward to deny it.

It can be noted that Anthony is the one who single-handedly heralded the digital age of editing in the Tamil film world by using Avid system.

Early in his film career he faced stiff resistance from other editors who were using the more traditional methods of cutting the films.

But with Avid becoming more and more convenient for filmmakers to edit and see the film instead of the more tedious method of cutting and splicing, it was only a matter of time before Anthony was accepted as a master editor in his own right.

He rose rapidly from the bottom and was at one stage the official editor of all the hit films. Filmmakers used to feel relaxed as Anthony was believed to be efficient and responsible editor who would finish up the job sooner than expected.

But, the circles who told us this inside story said, it changed after a certain period when Anthony started to disregard the suggestions and inputs of the directors.

7aum Arivu stands as the best eye witness, they claim. Though the movie was a commercial hit, film's editing was highly criticised for lengthy stunt sequences and other scenes.

It is during the editing of 7aum Arivu that Anthony seemed to have disregarded the advices offered by ARM and it resulted in a misunderstanding between the two.

The Tamil film industry in general and directors in particular seem to have accepted the move, dropping Anthony as the editor, as a welcome step as it was felt that Anthony was stepping out of his line.

Anthony,if the story is true, it is better to follow more humble attitude as it would be good for you as it would lead to a long lasting film career.

Let us hope that that is not the case for Anthony in the upcoming films!

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