Anushka on Tamannahs trail in fleeing

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Saturday, Dec 10, 2011

Anushka on Tamannahs trail in fleeing

Tamannah fled to Andhra following a tight corner, and now it’s Anushka’s turn and she has fled Andhra and come to Tamil Nadu.  But Anushka’s problem has not come to light even after close scrutiny.  She seems to have directed her manager to accept readily the chances at Tamil Nadu, and at the same time she doesn’t want to go back to Andhra. So she has been committed to Tamil movies and she has got a release from Andhra.

The fourth estate is trying to connect the reason for her saying so to the income tax raid conducted at her residence. This raid seems to have happened through the instigation of a political figure. So there are people who are putting eyes and ears to this matter and are projecting it in a serious manner.

Leave alone these problems. As everybody believes Anushka’s mother tongue seems not to be Telugu, but Tulu. 

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