Anushka relates secret behind her beauty

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Saturday, Aug 04, 2012

Anushka relates secret behind her beauty

On very mention of name Anushka, the height, befitting build, and glittering skin are those which are reminded.  Also, Anushka possesses build befitting her height.  The secret behind her beauty seems to be practice of Yoga.  As Anuhska was Yoga teacher before entry into cine field, even amidst tight schedules she never forgets to practice Yoga daily.  Anushka relates secret behind her solid build and beauty.  Here are excerpts from what Anushka said.

‘There is not one person who hasn’t made positive remark about my height.  Height is my plus.  I am particular about vegetarian food.  Intake of vegetables proves conducive to maintenance of skin.  I do not eat after 8 pm.  I take non-vegetarian food rarely.  More than placing cucumber and potatoes upon eyes, meditation is more conducive to health.’

‘Other than these, I do not carry out anything for maintenance of beauty.  First, everybody has to understand that more than beauty, health is important.  For physical fitness, I do exercises for 40 minutes daily.  The practice gives not alone fitness but also good looks.’

‘Also, I take water aplenty.  Yoga keeps body fit and solid.  Out of drinking water, skin turns beautiful.  These are secrets behind my beauty.’

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