Anushka turns down glamour roles

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Thursday, Nov 03, 2011

Anushka turns down glamour roles

Actress Anushka seems to be refusing to play glamour roles. Her secret associate seems to be the reason.

Be it Tamil or Telugu, Anushka has never hesitated to play glamour roles. Even a simple gait of hers is bewitching. The only film in which she has not played a glamour role is ‘Deiva Thirumagal’. Be it scanty costume, or a complete attire she looks beautiful. So, Anushka has a lot of fans.

Since Anushka doesn’t hesitate to play glamour roles in abundance, many producers approach her for sexy characters. She has been asked to play a role in a Bikini in one film. She has refused to play the glamour role wearing the Bikini.

The person who approached her is now confused as to why she has turned him down. Then after sufficient pondering he realized that it is Anushka’s secret associate who is the reason for her change of decision.

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