Arun Vijay thanks director for success of ‘ThadaiyaRa Thaakka’

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Thursday, Jun 28, 2012

Arun Vijay thanks director for success of ‘ThadaiyaRa Thaakka’

Arun Vijay, who has been struggling for 15 years to gain position in Tamil cinemas, has at last had a break.  The break is through movie ‘ThadaiyaRa Thaakka’.

Whether Arun Vijay thanks anybody else or not, he is indebted to the director Magizh Thirumeni.  The director has given priority not to hero or heroine of the movie, but to storyline and good script.  The director has made Arun Vijay do the role meant for him naturally.

It is four weeks since the release of movie. In 70 other centres, the movie is giving average performance.

As nobody volunteered to take up Arun Vijay, his father-in-law volunteered to produce an Arun Vijay Starrer.

This is what he said ‘I am to do three movies taking up Arun Vijay who has necessary talents.  If those movies do not turn success, let him mind other businesses.  If even one movie turns hit, I will make him do other movies.’

The first was ‘Malai Malai’.  The movie got back the investment that had been put in.  The next one, ‘Maanja Velu’ flopped.

But the third movie is winning applauses from all sides.

Arun Vijay, speaking regarding this mentioned ‘The movie ‘ThadaiyaRa Thaakka’ has given much satisfaction.  I thank everybody including director Magizh Thirumeni.  Everybody positively encouraged me for the movie.  That is the reason for success.’

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