Arvind Swami unplugged

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Wednesday, Feb 08, 2017

Arvind Swami unplugged

Arvind Swami is the toast of the Tamilnadu. His Bogan has become a huge hit. A thrilled Arvind Swami is flooded with offers.

He says, 'With Bogan, Lakshman already had something in mind and that’s why I was hesitant at first. That’s also why I wasn’t too keen on the Telugu remake of Thani Oruvan.

The creative part is what interests me most. You have to be part of a film that does well. I have done my fair share of good roles in unsuccessful films.

There’s no point in that.''It took me three months to convince Lakshman to change Bogan’s interval block to its present form.

I wanted to re-structure the scene in such a way that two revelations happened at once, he adds.

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