Arvind Swamy says ‘Be Indian… Don’t buy Chinese’

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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Arvind Swamy says ‘Be Indian… Don’t buy Chinese’

Actor Arvind Swamy has forwarded request not to buy any Chinese product. 

There has been incursion by Chinese military into the Indian border at Ladakh which covers a distance of 19 kms.  The area encroached by Chinese troops is equal to half the area of Delhi State.

The incursion by Chinese Military has caused tension all over India.  China is justifying the incursion into Indian border and refuses to withdraw from the place. 

In a development, Arvind Swamy, one among Tamil actors, has vented his ire in social networking site Twitter.

Arvind Swamy tweeted: -

 ‘China has encroached upon our land.  But, India is silent witness to the incursion into the Indian border.’ 

‘But, we should not be like that. Henceforth, we should not buy Chinese products.  Be an Indian.  So far, the motto has been ‘Be Indian… Buy Indian’.  Henceforth, the motto should be ‘Be Indian… Don’t buy Chinese products’

‘Why should one buy product manufactured by country which has stealthily encroached upon our land? Not one paisa should go to China which is our true enemy.  We should prove that we are people with self-respect, and we should prove that by restraining ourselves from buying Chinese products.  Let us start a movement to reject Chinese products.  Indian Government should ban import of Chinese products.’

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