Arya answers rumors linking him with Nayanthara

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Monday, Sep 09, 2013

Arya answers rumors linking him with Nayanthara

Reports are abuzz that romance between Arya and Nayanthara has intensified, and that marriage between the two would happen soon. 

Arya and Nayanthara paired up for Tamil movie ‘Boss Engira Baskaran’.  Then, both paired up again for movie ‘Raja Rani’.  Recently, photographs of Arya and Nayanthara in wedding attire were released.  Then, they said that it is promotion for movie ‘Raja Rani’.  Some were irritated at Nayanthara and Arya following such a promotion. 

Arya gave explanation to reports linking him with Nayanthara. He said: -

‘I and Nayanthara do husband and wife in ‘Raja Rani’.  There is a marriage scene in the movie.  They used it for movie promotion.  I felt that it was a good idea.  Rumors are abuzz linking us both.  When such reports about me are released, I am reminded that I am in cinema.’

‘They do not mind those who are not popular.  I do not hide anything.  If I romance, I would tell it to fans.  There are many Ranis for me in cinema.  So far, I have not found out my real Rani.’

‘Many marriages fixed by parents are not alright due to ego clashes.  Movie ‘Raja Rani’ carries the gist.  I liked the story very much.  Dialogues are excellent.  I appear in getups of both smart youth and a husband.

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