Arya appreciates his co-stars

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Friday, Jul 29, 2011

Arya appreciates his co-stars

Arya is a good friend of many in the industry and we have seen his co-stars appreciating in many functions. Even the actor is also good at appreciating his co stars for their outstanding performance. Recently Arya congratulated his friends Vishal, Dhanush and Vikram for their awestruck acting skills in their recent films Avan Ivan, Aadukalam and Deiva Thirumagal.

Arya says “All these films have left a great impact on me and rather I can say that I need to enhance my skills. I was astonished by their performance and each one is unique in their acting skills. I will leave the decision to the Jury members to decide who is the best of these three actors. But I can surely say that their performance is on International standards”.

Arya added “I have tried enacting Vikram’s performance in Deiva Thirumagal in front of a mirror but was unable to do what Vikram did”.

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