Asin about her 6 bedroom apartment

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Friday, Nov 04, 2011

Asin about her 6 bedroom apartment

Chechi Asin has got an apartment with 6 bedrooms. She has told that she likes this apartment very much. When she mentioned about this in an interview, she went ahead ‘Some say I am amassing property. I do not desire that. But I am very happy about buying some property in my name. I bought an apartment with 6 bedrooms in Kochi. Already I have a house there.  This 6 bedroom apartment is in the sea shore.  There is a beautiful scenery to be watched from inside this home.

My parents are staying along with me in Mumbai.  Every month they go to the Kochi home. Whenever I have a break during the shooting, I plan to take  rest there at Kochi. In both cinema and out I have a lot of friends. I am very eager to take them to the house at Kochi.’

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