Asin speaks for Salman Khan

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Friday, Apr 06, 2012

Asin speaks for Salman Khan

Asin commented ‘Even outside cinema Salman and I are close friends.  That is why our match in screen is being spoken about very much.’

Magazines are time and again coming out with reports of intimacy between Salman and Asin.  From very beginning, Mumbai magazines are releasing reports that there is close relationship between the two.

There is report that Salman bought house for Asin.  But Asin refuted all those reports.

Now, Asin has given explanation as to how the match between herself and Salman in the screen is working out perfectly. 

Asin commented ‘Only when there is compliant mentality in reality, the match in the screen would work out.  There is good relationship between myself and Salman even out.  That is friendship.  Please do not imagine anything else.  Salman has good humor.’

‘Some people mistake Salman’s humor. I have understood him correctly.  We two paired up for two movies.  There is good understanding between us two for more than three years.  That helps show both of us appropriately in the screen.

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