Audiences abroad taken in by Bala’s ‘Paradesi’

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Friday, Mar 15, 2013

Audiences abroad taken in by Bala’s ‘Paradesi’

Movie ‘Paradesi’ by Bala is hitting screens in India only today. The movie was released last evening in locations abroad including those in Gulf countries. 

Those who have seen the movie are all praises for Bala’s effort.  Following trail of director Anurag Kashyap, people are heaping appreciations upon the movie and upon the director of the movie ‘Paradesi’. 

The movie ‘Paradesi’ is direction by Bala. The movie has stars as Adharva Murali, Vedika and Dhanshika. The music composition for the movie is by GV Prakash Kumar. Recently reality teaser of the movie was released.  As people viewed the reality teaser, criticisms arose regarding how Bala extracts work from artistes. 

The reality teaser proved a deterrent to promotion of the movie.  But after viewing the movie, misconception about the movie has ceased to exist.  Also, people are conveying their gratitude to Bala for giving such a wonderful movie. 

Some people have said that following Mahendran, Bala is the best among directors. 

The movie has created a huge impact upon them, say people. Also, people have said that it would take few days for the impact to wane away. 

People have appreciated saying that the scenes are impeccable and that nobody is villain in the movie and are just controlled by circumstances.  People say that the best movie of this year is ‘Paradesi’, and best director is Bala.

People who very strongly criticised Bala have changed their opinion and have commended him for his efforts in the movie. 

But fans have opined that they would have had total fulfilment if music was by Ilayaraja.

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